About Me

Eponine Huang.

Photographer, model.

Based between Los Angeles & New York.
I have two perspective towards photography, one from a photographer; one from a model.
Film & Digital.
I can’t measure the energy that comes from one roll of film. It is mysterious, profound, and emotive.
While my eyes bring me to a new frame with every picture I paint,
and with every picture, I bring myself into a new land of wonder.
Love me. Let me shoot.

VOGUE ME 2017 August 
LA DANSEUSE | accessories for daze with photographer Eponine Huang, styled by Regina Chan.

Eponine's photography works on

Eponine Vogue Italia Page:
http://www.vogue.it/photovogue/portfolio/?id=28883#pv-biography http://www.vogue.it/photovogue/portfolio/?id=28883#pv-biography
  1. Managing Director

“The word "Maidens" permeates my daily life. 

They are the root of lust and dispute.

They are the most natural performers on the stage of youth, 

and I'm sitting in the front row of the show.

We meet, talk, and depart.

They all have dreams and desires. 

Maidens are wolves; are dreams; are wild; are lust.

Appetence holds on to naivety.

If the night of ferocity occurs, I can still illustrate the face of a dream for you.

Indicate that is you, and this is her.”
                                                                - Eponine Daer Huang